Digital drawings, photographs with digital and film cameras. Kaleidoscopish mandalas from photographs and photomanipulations. Moving pictures, creatures that are digitally drawn by a human and combined to different variations of that creature by a code. Oil and watercolor paintings, experiments, collages and mixed media. Art that says something, tries to say something or just is.

Head Over Heels and Space Cow Boi
Head Over Heels Space Cow Boi
Collage. Watercolor, colored pencil, vector graphics. Two of the Water Vector collection pieces.

Brandunder and Tram corner
Film photography Film photography
Double exposures with old medium fromat film cameras.

ArtSquares: Fence and DJ & Switchboard
ArtSquares - Fence Artsquares - DJ & Switchboard ArtSquares. Digital drawings. Three of many combinations.

Photographs Photographs Digital photographs.

Collage. Pencil sketch, digital drawing, animation.

Olio - Creature
Olio - Creature Olio - Creature
Digital drawings, different variations or creature parts drawn to several layers, combined randomly by a code. Two of many different creatures and their variations.

Flower two kaleidosdala and Näsinneula mandalope
Flower two kaleidosdala Näsinneula kaleidoscopish mandala Photomanipulation. Two of many kaleidoscopish mandalas.


Photomanipulation. One of six slightly different versions of lamb and bird mutations.